Friday, 9 November 2012

Trying to connect you!

Following my grief at the start of the week we are now in the stuff of nightmare. Yesterday my phone and wifi were not working. This morning I tried to sort it out.
Trying to talk to a human being was the problem. As soon as I fed in the number BT said I wasn't their customer and to go and talk to who ever was my service provider.
I was able to quote the amount we paid them every month. They could not help.
Finally I got through to AOL who were not helpful either. They told me to go to Talk Talk. I have never had any dealings with them but I did try. A technical expert tried to find a fault. I told him it seemed to be a problem of communication. He gave me the number of their customer loyalty division.
I have never been a customer of Talk Talk so no loyalty was involved!
Arriving at my house to tell me the phone wasn't working I finally got two people to ring BT on my behalf because I kept losing the signal on my mobile.
Whilst that was happening the post arrived with two letters from BT and AOL. Informing me I had asked to close the account and so I would be cut off. This was a day after the event! I had not asked!
I have now spoken to a pleasant sales lady from BT. They can't reinstate the account. They can't even guarantee the same number but I have signed up for the package.
Desperate to get it all up and running they tell me that it might be another two weeks.
Why can someone who pays everything on time, Who has never reneged on a contract. Who just wants the status quo to be observed Why does this sort of cock up have to arrive this week of all weeks.
Thank goodness for the iPhone at least. And sorry if you are ringing me. I am at home but BT aren't.
The punch line to all this is that I am actually a share holder in BT!

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  1. (!!!!!!! ??!!) There, I've said it for you Jean.
    For some reason you are being tried beyond all reason, so don't ask for a reason.
    When I go to choir practise this evening, I will slip into the Lady Chapel light a candle and pray an extra prayer for you.
    Even your shoulders must be feeling the weight by now.
    God bless you.

  2. Jean,

    You really don't need this hassle just now!!

    We left BT over 20 years ago. And from what I hear, their service hasn't improved in the interim, and they way they are treating you sounds par for the course.

    We have a cable landline, but rely on 3uk for our internet connection. Reasonable price, all the data we need and reasonable speeds most of the time. And, of course, it's portable.

    I hope that it all gets sorted, sooner, rather than later.

  3. Jean
    It should not be like this, even in easy times. If I were you, I would not sign a new contract with BT or any of the big 'providers' but get in touch with Macace in Bodmin - yes, Bodmin Cornwall ! You will speak to somebody who lives and works in Cornwall, who will be able to provide you with a telephone landline and Internet service without all the hassle we have come to think of as 'normal'. If you think you are already committed to a new contract just tell them you a cancelling due to their incompetence.
    You can then get back to dealing with the real issues of life. I wish you well. Keep your spirits up.
    Are we human beings with a spiritual dimension, or spiritual beings with a human dimension? One day, God will explain......