Thursday, 1 November 2012

Working again

It's All Saints Day and this morning I am back to work. This is a good thing. I could have taken lots of time off but I need to work now and to be able to take the midweek communion service is a privilege not a pain...

I have a service I need to go to at the weekend for the induction of a new Congregational minister and then another service on Sunday....

The lovely man who is our rural dean rang me last night with words of wisdom as always....he remembered that when my daughter died I took no time off at all and indeed took a funeral for a very old lady a few days afterwards....He ended by saying that he knew I had to just get on with it and blessed off we go.....

Once I start by putting on the collar , help does come and I remember the words at my ordination service

"With the help of God I will"

I am better's what makes me the person I am and keeps me active and thinking.

I am doing this for myself. It is a selfish act but one which is right for me and for the regulars who will be there.

With the help of God I can.

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