Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Accusations of theft and lies

I have to say something I would rather not blog about but some of you may have noticed some rather odd comments on yesterday's blog and this does I think need a explanation.
One distant part of my family have accused me of having stolen something which in fact I've never had. They want it returned. It is not in my possession. It never has been.
The people involved have my phone number and my email address but have chosen to attack me publicly by writing comments on my blog.
I have been accused of theft and telling lies as well as threatening me. I will be taking advice on this.
I have also decided with much reluctance to put a moderation on the blog.
To say I don't need this right now is obvious.
As a development in my life it is ill timed and callous.
I apologise to all people who read this. It's something I never wanted to drag into the public arena. Particularly at a time of grief and heart ache.

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  1. You can choose your friends, you cannot choose your family.