Monday, 10 December 2012

Blog writing

Writing has always been my way of ridding myself of lifes griefs. I have kept a diary since I was a girl....somewhere, hidden at the bottom of several wardrobes is the unexpurgated story of my life...

When I was pregnant for the first time I sat and wrote almost every day. The story of my father will never see light of day. He was an alcoholic who belted us all especially when he had no money for drink.

By writing it all out I rid myself of much terror and heart was therapy pure and simple.

Finding that it worked I have spent much of my adult life writing....

I don't always write in the first person and I usually dress it up as fiction but mostly it is the truth as it happened to me.

Blogging is a valuable tool for me now. It is my way of easing the pain but more importantly a chart of my relationship with God and the part He has played in my life and still does.

Every so often I find the impulse to write overwhelming which is why last year I wrote the story of how I found myself , a priest in the church in my old age.

. "My Journey " is to be found in Smashwords and is going much better than I thought it would. It is a free book. I have no need to make money from it. . Publishing an ebook is easy and I am encouraged to do it again.

Another book is insisting on being written right now... I am holding fire for the moment but after Christmas there might be time. Who knows?


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