Monday, 10 December 2012

Getting there but slowly

New week, new challenge....getting to the end of it without anyone upsetting me or me upsetting anyone else. Fat chance......skeletons are rattling out of closets all over the place....I am picking them up, dusting them off and putting them back where they belong.....out of sight!

There is already a clear structure to the week, involving school, solicitors and shopping. Cards to be sent are already in a neat pile.....shock horror at the cost of stamps this year! I shall be leaving neat little piles at the backs of several churches.

I don't do the huge baking number that I used to....kind people do drop me in home made mince pies occasionally but mostly we just don't consume as much as we used to....

Getting trees up and lit, actually finding where I've put things since last year is the major cleaner assists here....she finds things in most unlikely places sometimes.,
She also this morning suggested that I do my main shop with Tesco very soon before its too late. So I have done that now too...

Currently I have no idea what I did with the Trade Craft wooden tree I bought about a month ago leave alone the stuff from last year.

The last three Christmasses I had to take everything down in a huge hurry because we set off for foreign parts before 12th night so it was a bit disorganized. This year though we don't travel till February. This gives us much more wriggle excuse for losing things next year!

Positivity is carrying me through the worst.....there is a glimmer of light ahead!


  1. Jean I've been reading but not commenting up to now but wanted to say how sorry I was for your loss, prayers have been said for you and David, and I wish you the best Christmas you can have in the circumstances. Thank you for continuing to share your positivity in the face of personal crisis is a great encouragement to others.

  2. Thank you so much. That's very kind