Saturday, 15 December 2012

Dressing the tree.

Today I will put up the trees. I am not really in the true spirit of the season yet but I do have to try.
When the children were growing up we always had real trees, the scent of pine needles is wonderful in the home . After several years of clearing up fallen needles we found the solution in a Blue Spruce...the scent was perfect but it held on to it's foliage!
The Saturday before Christmas was the designated blue spruce day! Not all shops had them and we finally tracked down a steady supplier in the next town...
When I moved to North wales I was invited by the forest warden to choose my own tree and he would bring it down for me...I lived within a mile of the forest and he was as good as his word...he appeared every year with the blue spruce chosen by me earlier.
Moving to Essex changed all that....we gave up real trees in favour of two artificial ones. They have survived two moves since but the smaller one just about fell apart last year...
I do have a blue spruce in my garden now and I went to look at it this stands about four foot high and is growing well.....I could not bring myself to dig it up.....there it will stay and grow into the large majestic tree I love.
So I bought a new little artificial tree....complete with lights to be delivered by John Lewis It had arrived and was standing outside our front door when we got home from the party last night....
The old big one will stand in the dining room, the new little one in our upstairs sitting room.....I can do this!
I think!
Later. Not the best decorating but I've managed it and even got the lights on. Badly.

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