Monday, 17 December 2012

Gifts arriving daily.

Gosh it really must be many generous gifts were delivered yesterday and are now under the tree in the dining room.

Two large hampers arrived full of goodies and several cases of wine were carried in to join the already overflowing number in David's "cellar". It takes a lot to get him excited about alcohol but the case from Fortnums definitely got his interest! .

Everyone is being so kind to us both right now that I hardly know where to start.

I needed an organist for Sunday, one turned up and volunteered!

People keep arriving with their dogs! I spent an hour yesterday talking to someone whilst nursing one of her dogs on my knee. ....this is a great treat because none of my dogs have ever been small enough to fit on my knee! Yesterday's tiny terrier was around the size of Crispins head!

Being showered by kindness and love is amazing and much appreciated by me and by David right now, it puts the tiny sliver of malice carried on from afar into perspective.

Even Earnie has joined in...since my son died two premium bonds have come up!

It's the Carol Service tonight and I shall go and sing. Until yesterday I was not sure that I could. After the first David died I did not go to any services for three years. Tonight I will sit in the choir and sing.....Lyngham with any luck! No one does it better than the massed ranks of the Cornish!

My thanks to everyone who by showing kindness have restored my faith in all sorts of things...not least in myself.


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