Saturday, 8 December 2012

Into the blogger underworld.

Until this week I had more or less taken the new digital era for granted. Google blogger make it very easy to do just that and until I got attacked this week I have never really gone into the labyrinthine depths to find out what was possible.

Amazingly there is an awful lot going on down there!

By groping my way around in the dark I have uncovered previously undreamed of riches.

I have a tracker which shows me where my visitors live! A quick trawl of last nights show hits from the States, south America and Guatemala etc. Russia , Australia and New Zealand are all represented and it has staggered me to find I am being read all over the world!

The number of page views in the last few weeks has also zoomed into some very impressive figures! Shame I'm not being paid by the could have been a most rewarding week.

Anonymous comments which get shunted into the spam box have also been mounting daily. I have now been assured that it's very easy to find out who sent them so really there's not much point in being anon.

From the content it's fairly obvious who it is anyway!

It's been a most interesting exercise. I know so much more now.

My grateful thanks to all.


  1. Glad to know. I never bother with my blog. I post so infrequently and get so few comments, it's not worthwhile digging.

    And, your blog is actually quite reflective, and recently has shown me that compassion for others is deeply seated in your nature and faith, even while you are in the midst of deep personal anguish.

    That makes you an exceptional Priest, Person and an inspiration to those of us who can only hope to help and serve others.

  2. Thank you. Its a very kind post.