Saturday, 22 December 2012

My darling Crispin

I've been up sorting out several parcels of food to give away.....not people food but dog food. When Crispin died I had several packs of Iams and treats tucked away . The birds have been enjoying some loose biscuits but the rest will find good homes over Christmas. Here is the poem I wrote yesterday.

My dear,my darling Crispin

Your death was overshadowed by another

But yours is the face that greets me on my iPad

Yours are the footsteps I follow in the garden

Yours are the biscuits I feed to the birds

A dogs life is short

But you lived on in grace

Well past your allotted span

I miss you daily now not hourly

But the pains still there

A big dog shaped hole in my life for ever

No one will replace you

No dog or boy or girl

You have all gone before me

Wait for me please.



  1. Long live the memory of the "Blessed Crispin".
    Lovely dog, lovely picture.
    Christmas Blessings Jean.X

  2. Thank you Ray. All blessings to you too....

  3. Sorry Jean, this moved me to tears.

    When our dog Della died (12 years ago now) we grieved and still do, but odd moments, when we see a dog of her heinz pedigree, black and white, piebald.

    She was 16 years old.

  4. Sorry earnie. Tears were falling as I wrote it.