Monday, 17 December 2012

Picked up by an angel.

Tis the week before Christmas.....and it's very busy as always....two things most days and at least two clashes where school and church meet! I shall pick my way through with care....

The problem is that now the village is filling up....people with second homes here have already started to arrive and by the end of the week the hotels will be full too...

In the last couple of months we've all got used to quiet roads and easier parking but this is not going to last!

Parking can be a problem....especially if like tomorrow! school is doing a nativity play.

My solution to this has been to get David to drop me off and come back at the end...this saves a space for other people and guarantees no nasty moments as I extricate myself from tight corners!

Last year this method failed. At the end of the play I tried to use my mobile. No service at all so I started walking....unfortunately I reasoned I had a better chance with the mobile if I didnt go down into the village so I took the high way, walked up the hill and rang for my trusty driver! The phone rang but no answer was the stern reply!

Undaunted I stayed with the upwards route and tried again....still no answer...I left a message telling him which road he would find me on!

The night was dark and cold....there was a clear sky but no moon and I had to use the light from the phone to negotiate by. Every five minutes or so I left a message. I knew by this time that he must be fast asleep.

I had a bad ten minutes on the top road which anywhere else would be a whizzed past and once I ended in the ditch! My calls were filled with words he didn't know I knew.,

Eventually an angel l arrived and rescued me....she picked me up, got me home and waited till I'd made certain that David was just asleep!

I'm still not sure how I'm going to get to and from the batch of events this week....but it might not involve my dear, lovely husband!

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