Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Present portent.

We are dashing into Truro on a very early ferry to do some last minute shopping. This is always both exhilarating and fraught. Are they going to really like what I've bought or should I just send a cheque?

In the old days when David the first!  worked from an office very close to both the BBC and Picadilly Circus his last minute shopping was  always...... interesting. After a few drinks on Christmas Eve the blokes would set off to hit the shops!

Some very disastrous presents were bought, only to be returned on Boxing Day...

Such items as grabbed the male imagination were not an unqualified success on Christmas morning. David did not do too badly even after several drinks.....I think only once in 20 years did his present have to be returned! I hadn't worn stockings for years at that time!

After he'd retired he had to shop sober. His last minute present to me that year was a very beautiful piece of jewelry. It was a lily fashioned in gold. I looked at it on Christmas morning and loved it...

Just as well my mum hadn't seen it I thought...she had a thing about lilies and never allowed one in the house...she said they were for her a portent of death.

I kept this thought  to myself. But quite soon afterwards David did die.

The golden lily is still in my possession and I only ever wear it , at Christmas every year.

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