Saturday, 1 December 2012

Sad Advent.

Sitting up in bed on a cold and frosty morning it's time to reflect on the good things in life sooner than the miserable unhappy times.
Advent is a time for being prepared. We are being prepared for the coming of the Christ child and its got little to do with chocolates and calendars.
It is the start of the new church year. My 2012 diary is finished and the new one for 2013 started.
Already there are lots of events written in and by the end of the year it will be full of crossings out and defunct phone numbers.
For Christians Advent is much the same as Lent. The business of being prepared serious and thought provoking.
Giving things up during this period always seems a bit self conscious and I don't do it.
Taking on extra jobs in the run up to Christmas is also difficult. There are not enough hours in the day already.
Advent carols will be sung. Eucharists celebrated , cards written.
This year I don't feel much like putting up the trees and the lights but I expect I will at some stage.
I will get the little crib out today.
That will be the start. Who knows where we might go from there.

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  1. [*] For your Advent preparations.

  2. Thank you Earnie. Today went as well as could be expected. Only one wobble and a hundred hugs.