Friday, 28 December 2012

Small miracles.

During my time involved in Amdram I once played the part of a nun in a play called Bonadventure. Mine was not the lead role, I played the fat jolly nun who did the cooking. Ahem..

One of my lines delivered in a Scottish accent was " The impossible I can do immediately. Miracles take a wee while longer"

This line has stayed in my psyche for about 40 years and it's still one I deliver occasionally when the mood takes me.

Small miracles happen all the time if we just give ourselves time to notice them.

The fact that on the raspberry cane given to me by my son are two small raspberries with another two tiny white flowers just emerging is a miracle considering the appalling weather and the fact that it's December 28.

Over the years I have witnessed many small miracles too commonplace to mention. Letters passing each other in the post from infrequent corrospondents , a book I was searching for once fell off a shelf in front of me in the library.

The Miracle book given to me by my daughter describes a miracle as appearing in light. If the lights on in your head you'll see them!

Tiny happenings, in them selves insignificant form a sort of pattern against the logic of our daily lives...all you need is to be aware of the possibility.

Last week whilst I was waiting for someone in Truro I popped into Boots for a bit of last minute shopping.

There I saw a new perfume. It's called Miracle . It's in a pretty pink bottle and I did buy some for my dear ones as well as myself. It's not quite the miracle I am usually aware of but it does smell wonderful!

A miracle is quite simply a representation of the grace of God....freely available to all...



  1. Yes Jean, I am sure you're right. Small miracles can be overlooked, or written off as coincidence, but open your eyes and mind and they are much more frequent than the sceptics think.
    There is comfort and joy to be had in tiny glimpses of God's presence in our everyday lives.

  2. True amblings around the garden several times a day no matter what the weather are all part of the healing process.

  3. Small miracles happen every day, often going unobserved by many. I love the idea that we can see those miracles as the actions of God in the lives of his people.

    I think that anything that gives us hope is a small miracle, because it restores or confirms our hope and trust in God, humbly aware of our weaknesses and how he recognises and forgives them.