Sunday, 30 December 2012

Toys of gold!

The readings for this week take a leap in time. On Tuesday we were celebrating the birth of Jesus. Today we are talking about the visit to the Temple when He was twelve years old.....
This got me thinking how little we know about His childhood, apart of course from the wonderful legends in these parts that He arrived here in His Uncles boat whilst looking for tin...
Hilaire Beloc wrote a lovely little poem about the baby Jesus....

When Jesus Christ was four years old
The angels brought Him toys of gold
Which no man ever had bought or sold.
And yet with these he would not play
He made him small fowl out of clay
And blessed them till they flew away’
Tu creasti Domine

Jesus Christ, Thou child so wise
Bless mine hands and fill mine eyes
And bring my soul to Paradise.


  1. Thanks Jean - would possibly never have seen this poem if you had not posted - appreciated! Happy (ongoing) Christmas and Happy New Year!

  2. And to you too Alastair. Your New Year is going to be very exciting. ,