Sunday, 16 December 2012

Transformation scene.

Usually the approach to Christmas is almost too busy...this year I've not done most of what I usually do....I've not been to the choir practices for instance...they all understand.

This morning in the dark I went to do the 8am at St Just....what a transformation! It's like someone said, "You shall go to the ball"

Last year we were in the middle of a massive reconstruction job. The outside and the inside of the ancient church was held up by scaffolding....we were not even sure a Carol Service was possible.

On the night we all turned up to find a wonderful sight.....they had wrapped the scaffolding in greenery and fairy lights and it looked amazing, the Carol Service was a great success.

This morning the great iron sconces hang from the ceiling with huge candles in each. There is an enormous tree in the sanctuary...the chairs are already in place....

On the night of the carol service next week the church will be packed....the candles lit and the medieval church will once again assume its magestic air of holiness.

Gods still in His heaven....and we will celebrate His birth once again this Christmas.

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