Thursday, 27 December 2012

Week off?

The week between Christmas and New Year is always interesting. One huge celebration over and the next one pending.

Whilst we lived in Essex David always managed to get the time off and we went up north to see our various families and friends. This lapsed towards the end of our time there and instead we did lots of brisk walks around the Essex marshes...Goldhanger creek was favourite because it included a lovely pub stop afterwards.

Every year we went to visit our boat, to check her moorings and clear out some of the spiders! Lots of our friends would have spent Christmas on their boats and were always glad to be joined by visitors bearing liquid gifts.

For clergy this time is always supposed to be a time of rest....having collapsed after Christmas a recharging of the batteries is essential.

On the year of my deaconing various local priests rang me up to tell me they would be away during this period. I worked out at one stage that I was the only curate left to look after all the churches on the Roseland for the week, so I spent quite a lot of time praying that no one would die!

This year in the few days between now and Sunday there is nothing in the diary. People who are visiting will drop in....I see many of the couples I married during this time....and their's a lovely time of quiet and seeing old friends.

The weather may scupper some of that. This morning it's impossible to walk upright to get to the car....there is a massive gale blowing! Visiting may be postponed. So be it.


  1. While we are not getting your severe weather, it's pretty dank, dark and miserable in North Kent.

    But the roads are virtually empty, many shops are closed with people taking an extra day off, although I suspect were I to venture into the town centre it will be jam packed with bargain hunters.

    Need to do a bit of shopping, but will keep it local, don't want to be bumped and jostled in crowds in supermarkets.

    And, went to a lovely, quiet peaceful BCP service with a congregation of 4 makes it small, intimate and sharing. When two or more gather in my name... and all that.

    I hope that your new year is quieter than this year and that you are blessed with some peace as you prepare for your next cruise.

  2. Thank you Earnie. Oddly I have ever ventured out to do sales shopping....I know for some it is an essential part of Christmas but I do most of my shopping on line now to avoid the crowds!

  3. That ever should of course read never. Must remember to check before pressing send.