Friday, 4 January 2013


With so many of us suffering the post Christmas tradition of flu, colds and tummy upsets it seems sensible to make sure our hands don't inadvertently pass any of the bugs on. Seasonal hugs and kisses are partly responsible for this yearly problem. So without wishing to be a kill joy, maybe it would be best to avoid lip contact!

In church a couple of years ago when the threat of bird flu hovered we took some serious steps to avoid spreading infection. The congregations didn't like not receiving wine but in the end were content to dip the wafer into the a short term fix it worked!

On board the cruise ships they are much more stringent. Antiseptic sprays are get sprayed as you enter any room with food being served and sprayed again on leaving. No one likes this but it does do the trick mostly! Though the year someone coughed in the lecture theatre and three hundred people went down with the flu lives in my mind for ever! Especially as I was one of them.

Here in church I use antiseptic gel before the service starts, after the peace and before the distribution. I am following the better safe than sorry principle....or the belt and braces approach.

So far we seem to be germ free.....praying that's the way it will stay!

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