Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Defrosted spectacles.

Whilst my children were growing up we lived for a while near a big reservoir much used for sailing in the summer. Occasionally it froze over so some skating took place too.
One freezing Sunday Adrian and Rosalind asked if they could go down to see what was happening at the reservoir. She was about eleven, he fifteen. . They were not out very long...they came back with the news that the "res" was frozen but still too dangerous to skate on.
Half an hour later Roz couldn't find her glasses......she had not been prescribed them very long and was still quite pleased with them...so where were they?
She'd had them on when they went out......off they went again to look for a needle in a haystack! I was already thinking that I was going to have to replace them unfortunately .
They came back about half an hour later. Roz was carrying the specs out in front of her gingerly, as though they might bite!
Her brother was vastly amused.....the story emerged slowly. They had in fact been on the ice before realizing its danger...and she had fallen over. That was where they had looked for the glasses....
Remarkably they found them but couldn't pick them up.....they were frozen into the ice.
She was ready to abandon them completely but her brother came up with a solution...it just needed some warm water ...that was all.
Highly indignant Roz described the scene....."He told me to look away. Ugh"
He was a clever lad my boy...but having used his natural resources to get the specs back his sister refused to wear them. He made her walk home with them though thinking she'd have to wear them once she'd carried them.
It took total emersion in a bath of diluted bleach to persuade her that they were fit to wear again...
Happy Days!


  1. Gives a whole new meaning to "through a glass darkly" doesn't it?
    As you say, an enterprising lad!