Saturday, 19 January 2013

Icy lane.

Busy day ahead. We have so far not been blessed with snow but until I poke my nose out I am not sure if we have had a freeze. The lane to church is steeply downhill and a couple of years ago a blocked drain meant that a sheet of ice covered it. One car got stuck and had to be rescued by tractor so we decided to cancel the services for that morning.

A small notice to that effect was posted at the top of the lane but failed to put people off so whilst the church warden went to ring people I parked my car right across the entrance to the lane . As a deterrent this worked well for vehicles. The amazing thing was that the walkers just kept going. Some slithered, many fell on their way down but they chatted to me as they passed....a little thing like a bit of ice was nt going to prevent them taking their Sunday morning hike!

It was an interesting Sunday morning all round. People trying to get to church all stopped for a matter , one lady brought me hot drinks, prayer requests were received and the little church sitting on the estuary stayed quiet all day....

We have some odd weather here at times, gale force winds, torrents of rain, but a frozen lane hopefully was a one off...I can hear cars outside driving normally so with any luck we've escaped the present problems!

I am not sure how many will turn out for the eight o clock though!

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  1. In the event no snow or ice was present this morning! Two members of the congregation had been there on the previous occasion and were very glad to be able to drive home safely today! Thank you God!