Saturday, 12 January 2013

Life story

The last two evenings I have had the privilege of reading my husbands book! He has watched my scribblings over the years and decided a few months ago to join in!

The account of his life is now typed, printed and bound....and it's a really good read!

I always knew that we came from vastly different worlds....but this has reinforced the difference starkly.

David was in school during the war and his mother never knew whether she would see any of the family again after they'd left home in the morning. The blitz and the flying bombs were things that never reached my world!

There are many personal stories which are touching and endearing but the accounts of his working life are amazing! He was the project manager for many post war building jobs, including sections of the M1. But the rise to this responsibility was not always easy or free from trauma.

The episodes on his rowing career I have yet to read but there are already many stories that have made me roar with laughter!

I still have some way to go but I am very glad he decided to share this with me. It will never be published, it's for his sons and grandchildren but it has shown me the business like, determined David as well as the honorable, gentle man I already loved...

There's a lot to be said for writing your own story....I recommend it as a way both of communication and of resolving old pains. And now it's so much easier than writing in long hand.....

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