Monday, 28 January 2013

Lord have mercy!

Once more into the breach dear friends and block the wall up.......not with the English dead ...but with anything that will burn......

The heating having packed in again we are now looking at our two unused fireplaces with some idea that a fire might not be a bad idea! We sat in our local yesterday and gazed enviously at the log fire.....not only did it look great, the heat it threw out was wonderful....

In this old house there is a fireplace upstairs....never used in our time and anyway blocked up to keep the seagulls at that's out!

In our dining room is a wood burning stove....also never used....but we are getting notions.....Unfortunately we are unaware of the status of the chimney.....has it been blocked....or swept in recent years? We've been here 7 years it's probably a non starter!

So I have turned the Aga type cooker up so that at least the kitchen is warm.....

Writing this before my hands freeze up!

In the meanwhile in other news I ran out of petrol yesterday.....was rescued by David complete with can! He has now taken my car to put some much needed fuel in.....we are having a weird morning!

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