Thursday, 31 January 2013

My mate marmite.

A conversation on Twitter this morning reminded me of early morning toast and marmite for breakfast!

One of those words to inspire horror or joy, marmite divides the nation whenever it's mentioned.

I love it. It was a big part of my diet during my years as a vegetarian, together with its big sister miso.

The problem with them both is the saltiness, but I never minded that much....

Now together with a bottle of Vegemite and one of bovril they lurk in a cupboard and are hardly ever dragged into the light because new stock products have largely replaced them.

The days of simmering for hours to make a tasty stock have gone for most of us...when you can buy a tasty stock cube or even a stock gel most of us prefer the easy option.

But the old favourites do have their place.....I can't imagine spreading a stock cube on toast...and anyway it wouldn't be as good as marmite softly settling into melting butter!

Sorry to all those now screwing up your face at the very thought....but I do know what I'm having for breakfast this morning!

PS. I have a new follower on mate marmite found me remarkably quickly!


  1. Oh dear Jean. This is where our famous 'bond' is severed I'm afraid.
    I have tried to like Marmite for many years, because I know what a healthy product it is, and as a vegetarian it should be on my list of goodies, but, oh I do hate it!
    My youngest brother used to eat it by the spoonful whereas a spoonful would last me a 'reluctant' year.
    Count me out. Please!!!!

    1. Not to worry Ray. We can't agree on everything! My husband feels much the same way!