Friday, 18 January 2013


I have now reached the stage of bereavement that wants to remember, to catch the memories of times long past that I can only revisit in my dreams.

My daughter Rosalind filled our house with glorious music as she was growing. Adrian played chess,taught by his father to a fairly high standard.

Now in the early evenings I can be with them again in my own way. I have much of Rosalind's music safely downloaded to my iPad. It's mostly flute music but it has also Kate Bush and Clannad interspersed. A heady mix which I listen to whilst playing backgammon....

There are several lists of music now and I listen to them depending on the mood. Adrian's list has some Boomtown rock and other punk stuff mixed with Mike Oldfield and the wonderful Snowgoose music. .

I used to often have a game with Ady at this time....distance no problem in this digital age even when he lived in the next village.

He was a games player and enjoyed all competitive games enormously. I remember Sunday afternoons playing Monoply and Cluedo to the point of exhaustion!

I could never beat him at chess but usually managed to at Backgammon.....I still play on the Fibs site regularly and miss his greetings when he turned up in disguise. He often changed his screen name to keep me on my toes!

I miss both my children and my dogs.....I suppose I always will but having an hour with them of an evening is helping me to come to terms with their loss.

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