Tuesday, 1 January 2013

One more step.

New Years Day feels as though it should be a Saturday. I don't know why! It's a whole new existence now....just waiting for me to grow into it....

I woke up with the tune and the words of a children's hymn in my head and they are following me around so I'd better let them fly!

One more step into the world I go

One more step along the way I go

From the old way to the new

I go travelling along with you...

I am aware that that is only a rough rendition but it makes the point. Many of the things that made me who I am today have gone.....we live in a house with no dog, no cat. There are no children to wish a Happy New Year to but that doesn't mean my life is empty. It isn't.

I am still a very happy, very lucky woman and finding my way along the new path is my goal for this year...because I am travelling along with the main spring of my life...and that's what makes it all possible.

I don't do resolutions. Except maybe by lunch time to have rid myself of the ear worm singing away in my head!

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