Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Potent music

The nature of bereavement sometimes takes me by surprise....even after so long and so many people lost .

..The Christmas before my husband died we had both had flu....I recovered fairly quickly but he didn't and we were unable to go to the local panto with our friends so they came to us.

They brought a video with them and although David pulled a face at it because he was really too unwell to concentrate on anything we put it on to watch. It was Babe and was perfectly pitched for easy watching. It was a great success and made the day in many ways. David absolutely loved it.

One of the things that we liked was the song...".If I had words I'd make a day for you." ....it was to the tune of a wonderful piece of music that we were unable to name but we knew we liked it!

The day after the visit David took to his bed again. We had no idea how ill he was. I looked after him and every day made up new words to sing the wonderful tune to him......it became a great pleasure I think for us both as the words got dafter and dafter!

He died a few months later and then I searched for the music. It was the great organ symphony by Saint-Saens which I bought and played almost to death.

Now, almost 16 years later I've just heard it on the radio by accident. It reduced me to tears....

Loss lasts and one loss merges with another. . Even though it becomes bearable it can still catch you when you least expect it.



  1. You are so right Jean. Often a tiny trigger will set of a chain of memories which will wrench your heart, and so very often that trigger is music.
    My late sister-in-law died at the age of 57 of cancer, leaving not just my brother, but all of us stunned.
    Her name was Ann and at her funeral my brother chose James Galway's version of Annie's Song to end the service.
    It was 19 years ago, nearly 20, and I still can't bear to hear that recording in company.

  2. Another instance of the fact that we are all linked. My daughter played Annie's song on her flute! Quite alot.