Thursday, 10 January 2013

Saintly old women!

Today is Thursday so that means its old lady day! We have quite a selection of these! I am one of them I admit reluctantly.
Midweek communion used to be reasonably well attended and in the old days it included old men as well as the fairer sex.....
Sadly David is the last remaining male in this group, all the others having gone aloft in the last couple of years....He more than makes up for it though, he is the magic carpet that transports them to church!
The little church in St Mawes is up a very steep hill, it takes grit and determination to get there! It's also often surrounded by builders wagons and parking a car is just as hazardous as walking!
So David takes the strain, he picks them up along the way and brings them for their mid week communion...the phone starts ringing every Thursday morning....they take nothing for granted!
It is a formidable group of women. They have all held responsible positions in the church or their husbands have, therefor they are in an unassailable position with deeply held views on everything. It would be a brave man who disagreed with them. David is the exception of course, he is rapidly approaching sainthood in their eyes!
The main topic at the moment is the church vote on women bishops. Total disbelief and fury best covers it....and it's not going away, someone brings it up most weeks. It's easier to answer that than defend such things as the colour of the new curtains! I just keep my head down, particularly if vacuum cleaners are mentioned...don't ask!
As an old woman I value all my saintly sisters and their often unsaintly comments....they are a good bunch with unstinting support and it's a privilege to be able to look after them.


  1. In our church too, there are many such saintly old women (not all of them female), and they are the backbone of our establishment, the cement which holds all the warring factions together, and also the place to go if you are in need of comfort, company, or even just plain down to earth common-sense. With age comes....if not wisdom at least experience.

  2. Hard to explain to a young person who already thinks they know everything worth knowing that having lived through several decades of joy and loss we are in a position to understand the vagaries of life nearly as well as they are!