Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Silk cravat?

I've been sluggish since the weekend with a sore throat and all that goes with it but now there is the necessity to actually get on with things. Time is passing very fast so I have given myself a firm instruction to ...stop moping etc.

Whilst I was feeling poorly at least there was time to do some on line shopping...David's birthday is coming soon...

Like many men of his age he loves cravats...but his elderly ones have now seen better days, falling apart in fact.

Why do men's shops not make cravats any more?

He cannot be the only man who likes a touch of coloured silk around the neck . He wears ties of course but they are not the same thing at all.

After browsing on line I finally think I have come up with a sort of solution. Liberty's silk scarves are legendary of course and I would hesitate to present my husband with anything too girlie! But there in the silk scarves I found what I hope to be a compromise!

A square specially designed for last years's bright but he doesn't mind a bit of colour and I think it will do!

Plus it was half price in the sale! search over!

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