Saturday, 19 January 2013

Strange symbol.

I am going back  to the subject I blogged about  earlier this week, the wearing of the cross in public. I apologise but since then several people have contributed to this discussion. 
 The cross as a symbol has always been a bit of a problem for non Christians....
When I taught in Rochdale, way back in the 60s  it was when huge number of Asians were flooding in...and I taught English as a second language in a school specially set up to deal with this problem, because most of them spoke Urdu....
I enjoyed working with people from other cultures and other was never a problem to me and I took the time to read the Koran, and find out about their beliefs...
When their English had improved enough to hold a conversation I was regularly shocked by their observations on Christianity.....
“Please miss why is this man being tortured? “  It was even worse when they asked me why our God was being displayed......
Close by was a Catholic church and hanging on the wall was the full crucifixion . It was something we’d all got used to but when looked at through the eyes of strangers it was indeed a strange symbol to be using. 
We who have been brought up with it know that the symbol of Christ’s death on the cross is a potent and moving reminder of what He came for and how He died for us....but for people from other cultures it is a puzzle at best, and something to  dislike at worst. 
I don’t know whether the early Christians wore crosses......I can't remember any pictures of them during the early days of the church except those that sit on altars and decorated the churches, often ornate, but I think maybe not around their necks! 
Wearing it today is often not an actual declaration of faith....for many its a beautiful piece of jewellery .
For those people who do wear it in love and faith it  maybe a good  moment to reflect on why people might be upset by it.  


  1. I wear one, around my neck and under my clothing.

    I means a lot to me. My spouse bought it for me when I returned to Christianity - to mark that event which she found momentous and something she had dreamed about for over 20 years.

    It's not a fashion icon. It's a symbol of my faith and my spouses love for me and her prayers being answered.

  2. Earnie that's lovely. The best reason in the world!