Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Weight problems.

When I moved house from Essex to Cornwall I had the builders in for the first three months....they used to say I needed to go on a measuring course! The new table in the kitchen prevented anyone from opening the oven door!

I'm still not good in metric measurement and quantities so when I order things on line they are often either too big or too small......I know it's easy to do it really, I'm just resistant to change! I know a pints less than a litre it's the other things that are the problem.

Yesterday the parcel from Boots arrived. I ordered in bulk because it has to last me till after Easter!

When I unpacked I saw the problem immediately. I'd never get them all into the suitcase because they would weigh too much! It's the time of the year when the sun beckons and as well as shampoo and hair spray there is after sun plus protection with serious numbers...nothing less than factor 20 will do!

I am going to have to think very hard about what to take as this time we are flying first.....every other time we have flown home and everything was chucked out before weighing....

This year the boat is already on the first leg of her tour....we will catch her up eventually.

A bit of serious soul searching seems in order I really need make up? The answer is that I don' that can go...moisturizers, shampoo, deodorants...all essentials.

I may have to resort to using up some of David's space...he is very long suffering!

He is better at measuring and weighing everything than I am ....Thats true, not flattery!

In the old days I would take the heavier stuff in my hand luggage but that's not allowed now so they have to travel with the ball gowns and swimming gear... There's not much room for anything else!

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