Sunday, 6 January 2013

Wisemen ?

Epiphany always makes me remember my days as an Astrolger. I know that's very off message for a priest but I did once dabble in this subject.

At first I thought I would never master the Maths! I was an Astrolger in the olden times before computers. Every small calculation had to be done manually as it could take an hour to set up a chart...

It was all part of my hippie phase, nothing serious and always accompanied by some devout prayers....I really didn't want to get it wrong for anyone. In the end it was 50% arithmetic 25% bravado and the rest was intuition....which was more reliable than the sums by a long way.

It was great fun and I enjoyed it for a few years when it fell by the wayside along with long flowing skirts and being a veggie.

It still is though the most practical answer to the wise men's travels. They spotted a new star in the East and followed it from three separate starting places to Bethlehem. If that's not Astrolgy I don't know what is!

For all the dire skeptics out there wondering how on earth the movement of planets could possibly affect anyone on earth then I will say just one thing......

It is now possible to measure the tidal flow in a teacup.....


  1. The trouble is, it can be difficult to swim in a teacup.
    And, lunar influences to you too (or do I mean loony)?
    Nothing wrong with astrology. So far no-one has ever proved it to be the rubbish we say it is.

  2. It's a popular subject to sneer at I suppose. But unless it's taken too seriously its fairly harmless!

  3. The Church's problems with astrology are very recent Jean. Church art abounds in horoscopes and astrological signs right up to and beyond the western reformation. People thought of it as science (and it was, in contemporary terms). It was also seen as a science given by God with Biblical authority.

    I'm not commending it as a way to govern your life, but it's not the work of satan that some people claim.

    Incidentally we have a Zoroastrian lady, of Persian descent, who worships with us. She loves the Epiphany because it's very likely that was what the Wise Ones were - Babylon, stars, wisdom etc.

  4. Thank you that Kevin.....I worry about people who live their daily lives by it. But I have to admit that in times of trouble I find out just where Saturn is.....old habits die hard!