Tuesday, 19 February 2013


We are safely moored up in Aukland in the early morning. It's warm outside and another huge ship is next to us!

Last time we were here we loved all things Kiwi so we are glad to be back and the visit is spread over almost a week..

It's still not long enough...we know that but it gives us a taste, a glimpse of what life on the other side of the world is like.

Again all the bio restrictions are in force.....nothing edible can be taken ashore and bags will be searched as we go!

Last time we visited a magnificent museum, today we are going to a winery! Could be great fun!

Yesterday I got my New Zealand dollars from the pursers desk but I have no memory of how far 50 dollars will go! In some places it's just enough for a cup of coffee! We will see!

Cruising has its joys and also it's frustrations. Leaving a place too soon is one of them....but the memory of the visit lasts a life time!

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