Thursday, 7 February 2013

Back to my youth.

We set off this morning with several intentions. I determined to attend a lecture on whales. David asked if it was the country or the sea animal.....I said the latter so he went off for a strong coffee.
Arriving at the lecture theatre I found an astonishing number of people taking their places. Whales were clearly a popular choice!
When it started it had nothing to do with big was Roger McGuinn .  Slightly anxious I sat down to listen and was entranced....we had lost an hour but in fact God was working for me. Roger illustrated his lecture with both pictures and music...
It took me back to my youth when as a young mother I used to sing to my new born....
Finally he sang something he'd written with his wife. It was a setting to the words of a Celtic blessing. Tears cascaded down my face when we got to the line
"May God hold you in the palm of his hand until we meet again," I remembered how much Adrian had loved the song and the rest of the blessing and it was very appropriate to hear it right then.
So this mornings peace was followed by the sweetness of remembered love.
I am being mended daily.
Then I had to go and tell David that we'd lost an hour some where.

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