Thursday, 28 February 2013

Black pearls!

We are approaching Tahiti. It is hot and the sea is flat! The mountains are visible through early morning mist and it looks beautiful. This is a maiden call by the Queen Elizabeth....she's never been here before. This small island is called Papeete and it's French Polynesian. There is a Gauguin museum here which is unfortunately closed right now! Because of that we have been booked into the Black Pearl museum instead!


It is just as beautiful on shore as it looked off shore! The vegetation is lush and full of gaudy flowers....we saw the village Gauguin where he built his house and who could blame him! It's one more example of paradise on earth!

The Black pearl museum was amazing and I did buy some drop ear rings after gulping at the price! They are black peacock, with a greeny gold sheen.....a permanent reminder of a glorious stop over!

Back on board we are reflecting that here the mobile phone reception is better than it is in Cornwall!


  1. As a keen amateur gemologist I wonder whether your earings are real, that is natural pearls, or are they cultured ones?
    I know Tahiti is famous for the quality of their pearls and both types are quite sought after.
    The greeny sheen must be beautiful.
    I'm glad you've finally been tempted to spend.

  2. I have a certificate to say they are real Ray. They ought to be considering the price! They are from a secluded atol it says!