Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Crossing the line!

This is the day we cross the Equater! We have been asked to look out for the line and avoid the bump as we go! The captain has a sense of humour.

Last year the day of crossing was a bit of an anti climax! A bit of a disaster in fact....far too many Pollywogs lined up to be insulted and had things thrown at them before being dunked in the pool! The ceremony took a very long time in very high temperatures.

The day after clothes that were stained had to be replaced. The pool was drained and then refilled! As an exercise it was a dismal failure....so this year they are only taking 25 Pollywogs. This combined with not using betroot in the throwing mixture might make it better!

The crossing of the line means we are then in the southern hemisphere....en route to Paga Paga.

This was the island I described last year as paradise. The Samoan culture is very different and they are very reluctant to change. I have again been warned not to tell them my profession lest I give them some extra protein in their diet. They eat missionaries!

That was in the past of course....I am sure Cunard hasn't lost anyone recently though there are one or two candidates coming to mind!

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