Sunday, 10 February 2013

God is.

Who you sit next to on board a cruise liner is largely a matter of luck. Friendships are formed and some last the journey, some to the next year! All conversations are interesting and give insights into different belief systems and cultures.

Last night over dinner a now familiar conversation took place.

I said I would go to church this morning, it being Sunday. One man got very tendatious almost immediately. "Why on earth would anyone want to go to church? Your on holiday " he said as though that was the end of it..

I still intended to go and this actually made him cross......"All rubbish" he said...why an intelligent person. Etc etc...

I tried not to be drawn into the usual argument, voiced by the logically inclined....but when he said "Where is the evidence that God exists?" I found myself being drawn in, "It's all around us. "I said.

Snorts all round.

A mercifully short debate followed cut short by another man who deflected the first one by asking him some questions he was delighted to answer.

Faith is hard to justify to a person of logic. It can't be proved there for it is untrue.

It's a bit like electricity. I don't know how it works. For me it is magic....I flick a switch and lo there is light....

Scientists change their mind frequently when one wonderful invention is challenged by's not fixed!

There are many things in life that defeat logic, but my belief in a God who is part of my daily life is entirely logical. The fact that I am unable to explain Him in scientific terms doesn't mean He is not there.

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