Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Kia Ora Koutou!

The day in Tauranga has been hot. In fact very hot but most enjoyable. We visited two Maori villages . At the first one we were fortunate to have a very lucid well educated lecturer who taught us a song....the words were well known ones to us.

In English

There are three things

That are most important

It is stated. In the Bible

Faith, hope, the most important

Is love.

Weird to find the words of St Paul as a song in the Maori culture. We joined in the singing with great good will. The melodic Maori sound was beautiful.

At the next stop we had the war dances! Even the youngest of girls looked ferocious!

At the end the elderly man told us how important it was to give thanks to God and then gave us a Maori blessing which ended with these words, "May God keep you safe, now and on your journey and for the rest of your lives." I turned to David with tears in my eyes and found the same with him..we had both been touched and were glad of it..

We are loving our second visit to New Zealand.

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