Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Life at sea

Sailing quietly this morning we saw an area of white in the water some distance wasn't a sea beast, but it wasn't moving either. I watched it and then we were past.

The captains voice came through at that point. Someone on the bridge had seen an upturned boat. We had to go back! Turning a huge ocean liner around was quite an experience. When we got back to the spot it proved to be an over turned fishing boat. We gently manoevered around it to look for any sign of life!

It had verdigris over the bits in the water so had been there for some time.

US authorities told us to stay in the vicinity and look for debris so now we are going around in circles....

Lots of people are congregated here and many conversations are taking place amongst people from all over the world. Here is one I heard earlier..

Two old Americans settled down together. Several observations about the upturned boat followed and then they moved on.

"Are you a Democrat? ".

"Yes I am"

You voted for this clown we've just re elected? "

"Yes I did"

"More fool you" End of conversation as they quickly disappeared in opposite directions..

Fascinating stuff here this morning. And the suns shining.


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