Monday, 4 February 2013

Morning in LA

We slept like tops. Then we felt well enough to tackle the American breakfast which requires stamina.
I did better than David but I think we shall last till lunch time!
A coach will pick us up before then to transport us to the Queen Elizabeth our home for a little while.
At first light we saw enough outside to make us want to explore but then the fog came down ! Extra ordinary!
We hope it lifts because we've promised ourselves a stroll around the water front!
The hotel is full of Cunarders all waiting to start the holiday proper. We have all exchanged cheery greetings and promptly forgotten who was who!
Let the fun begin. But not until we've all caught up on sleep!
One of the problems is jet lag! It's morning here now but at home it's night. Adjusting our body clocks takes time! I expect we shall manage it!
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