Thursday, 21 February 2013

Napier by duck.

We are sitting in the grand ballroom in this boat waiting to dock and go ashore.
Incongruous sights abound. After considerable heat yesterday some are dressed for tropical temperatures. Most have looked out of their windows and seen that its a different world out there this morning. I have my mac with me!
We are travelling on a duck this morning. This is not a small brightly coloured bird , its a wheeled vehicle made to travel the beaches and go in and out of the water!
They are not air conditioned coaches so some sort of padding seems appropriate.
Here on board shapes and sizes are changing almost before our eyes. Some people have almost doubled in size since we got on. Seams are visibly under extreme pressure.
I am now almost ready to send some of my clothes to the laundry but decided this morning to wait. This could well be the morning we get dirty as well as wet!
The boat has run out of New Zealand dollars! I have just five dollars left in my bag! As it seems unlikely that we will find a bank on a duck I may prove a bit of a disappointment to the local vendors.

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  1. You certainly know how to travel in style Jean. I had ride/sail in a 'duck' back in the 50's.
    It was either Eastbourne or Worthing and some enterprising man had bought an ex-military one and hired it out for rides.
    Not the most comfortable way to travel, but for me at 17 a thrilling experience, particularly when it took to the water.
    I'm following your daily journal with great enjoyment, keep posting. (and enjoying it too of course)

  2. Thank you Ray......I am getting so much better after a few weeks away!