Sunday, 3 February 2013

Not airborne

I am on a plane but we are still on the Tarmac.
We may be some time.
The young man sitting next to me fell asleep fairly quickly. He was quite affectionate. And intent on being even more so.
Poor man proved to be almost unconscious. An ambulance has been called.
We are about an hour late for take off. But for me it's a relief to lose my affectionate travelling companion.
The adventure has started!
PS. We have now been searched! The security people are very thorough. It's clearly a drugs problem. Full marks all round.
PPS. Three more young men have been escorted off. Looking very rum! Now nearly 2 hours late!
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  1. What is it about you Jean. Couldn't you manage just one journey without something weird happening?
    You really should have known better than to say "Make my day", as you boarded.

  2. Ray it is merely God showing that He really has got a sense of humour.