Thursday, 14 February 2013


We are getting used to the heat now but this morning will be a test! Landing on Pango Pango we are exploring the coastal villages. Taking suntan cream , hats, cover ups and everything else to sustain life will mean taking a small rucksack!

We cannot take any food onto the island because of the danger of contamination. All bananas have to left on the ship! They check everything as we go out and then again when we come back which makes perfect sense for us but some get very upset!

Actually everywhere in this beautful place is full of fruit. Mangos, pineapples, pawpaw, it's all here in great one need go hungry !

In the past they were especially grateful for the odd missionary! They added extra meat to the diet! Their way of life has changed, is changing but they still maintain some of their traditions. Women are the hunter gatherers, men do the cooking!

Children are reared by grandparents in special little huts and all their huts are open sided. From our experience in the past they are warm, generous people who are resisting change....but I am afraid the American influence will win in the end.

The cruise liners must exert a huge influence on them, bringing wealth but also all the negative things that go with it....

We might not take fruit on land but we are taking our presence and our comparative wealth. On a daily basis this must be a corruption of their way of life. Hopefully not too much!

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