Sunday, 17 February 2013

Ships crew

People watching is always great sport on any cruise. We are here in every shade, shape and temperament. The very huge are catered for as are the painfully thin. The staff here are simply wonderful. They respond to any accident or emergency calmly and with practicality..

This morning at breakfast a man was pushing his wife in her wheel chair whilst she decided what she was having. She pointed, he carried. When the tray was full he placed it carefully on her knee....

She screamed and flung it off...bacon, rolls, and fruit scattered on the busy pathway to the food. The poor husband stood thunderstruck. Her face contorted. It was impossible to say whether with pain or anger!

A young waiter stepped calmly in, taking charge of both the lady,the wheel chair and the scattered food whilst the husband literally wrung his hands! A senior member of staff duly arrived and the lady wheeled off to find out if she was hurting anywhere.

Despite our joint ages David and I are actually quite fit here, there are so many people who are struggling with wheel chairs, Zimmer frames, etc that we feel quite nimble as we stroll around unaided.

The staff are a friendly bunch, those who were here last year actually recognize us and even remember our names. They are happy with their jobs and get time off to go ashore when we are in port.

At the last stop some families arrived, the wives and children of the crew, they are allowed to travel with their spouses for short periods.

On the whole it is a happy ship with an excellent captain...and it makes me and David look very fit.....most of the time.

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  1. Just wanted to say thank you for your interesting account of your cruise, I am enjoying reading it so much.