Thursday, 14 February 2013

Tropical delights

From one tropical island to the next....tomorrow we arrive at Apia. We also lose a day! Transferring from one time zone to the next is going to cost us a whole day. This week there is no Friday..we go direct from Thursday to Saturday....

It's all good fun and no one really minds because we gain a day later on!

These small Polynesian islands are sheer delight....tomorrow we will look at coastal villages and a tropical garden.

Captain Cooks exploration of these parts must have been been extra ordinary. He found a people spread far and wide, mostly of common stock but having lived together for hundreds of years , different cultures evolved with strange customs, all very different.

What was amazing were the number of churches we saw as we travelled through the villages. Christianity has been married to the Moari customs and it all seems to work...much like the way we took over the Celtic calendar in Great Britain.

We didn't have the war dance today but we did have a gang nam variation. It was great to see and to hear! .

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