Monday, 25 February 2013

Tuesday one!

We have now crossed the International date line back into "normal" time. Because no one likes Mondays the captain has decreed that we won't have two Mondays but two Tuesdays., which gives us back the day we lost previously. Confused? Join the club!

We have now got used to the fact that we are twelve hours behind or before UK time and that very often everyone at home is in bed whilst we are posting. Our body clocks are stable right now but will be affected as we proceed, sometimes adding and at other times of course subtracting odd hours so that where ever we land we will have the correct time!

My cold is coming on a treat but having a social conscience means I am avoiding enclosed spaces with a lot of other's bad enough sneezing all the time I don't need to feel guilty for giving it to everyone else! This means I am not attending lectures just now. But I am still eating! Room service is possible but so far I havnt felt bad enough to use it.....I just avoid sitting too close and dodging unexpected kisses!

This greeting is used very liberally on board as a greeting so I am staying behind David muttering when someone we know comes into view! It's late in the day to develop anti social tendencies but I'm working at it!

Tuesday one has so far been uneventful but it is wild weather out there....the boat is rolling through huge seas right now but all is well! I am hoping the the same on Tuesday two....fingers very firmly crossed!

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