Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Tuesday Two...

This our second Tuesday of the week is set fair.....the seas are flat and a warm breeze is ruffling our hair as we sit and contemplate our idyllic life. There is one small problem. Many people are sick!

I have a cold which is developing well. I brought some Lemsips away with me and they are helping and so far the cold has not been so bad that I can't function.

Others have not been so lucky. The sickness virus has struck! We know this from the friends from Cornwall we met earlier. We are told that everyone had sea sickness on their corridor that seems to have travelled remarkably. Then they realised that it's not sea sickness.

People are reluctant to report this or go to the doctor because they will then be quarantined or worse!

Worse in this instant means being put onto a flight home where ever that might be!

In the face of all the reports of throwing up etc I feel positively relieved to only have a cold!

It's a great pity that a dream holiday should be messed up because of illness but it is actually not Cunards fault. Their hygiene restrictions are still in place...men with gel spray lurk on every corner!

As yet it's only a small percentage going down with something...l am praying that the numbers don't get out of hand!

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