Friday, 15 February 2013

Wet Apia

Sitting in a very wet pagoda drinking cocoanut which my neighbour said would be vastly improved by adding some rum!
It's been raining ever since we arrived in Apia which is still recovering from a cyclone.
I keep getting stopped by children who are asking for a dollar for their school. The one that added' please 'got one.
We have a comfortable coach and somewhere to sit outside!
This is independent Samoa as opposed to American Samoa which is pronounced Samwa!
The church here has many denominations. Everyone has to give fifty percent of their wages to the local church. Which explains why the churches are in much better condition than many of the homes!
Yesterday David heard me say something he's never heard before.
"I am too tired to shop"!
He may hear the same thing today.... So it's not all bad news.
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