Wednesday, 20 March 2013

A pig tail?

Having been here for quite a while several things need urgent attention. I have sent a load of washing to the laundry this morning....enough to see us home I hope!

My main problem is my hair. It's at least two inches longer than usual and I forgot the scissors! I've lopped small bits off with my nail scissors but it would take a week to do it properly!

Two other ladies on our table at dinner are threatening to make me a reservation at the hairdressers......they are very bad influences...a shopping expedition soon is definately on the cards.

The trouble is that I have only had one haircut since I was an ordinand...and I hated it! The local hairdresser turned me out with the same basic cut of every other person in the village! I couldn't wait for it to grow out!

That plus the fact that I have shorn myself for so long that I am actually ashamed of what they might find in the inexpert cropping! To be intimidated by a very young lady is not my idea of fun!

So I am asking everyone I know on board if they have any scissors larger than the nail variety!

So far I've drawn a blank and David says he will have to wear a pigtail to travel home in....his thick curly hair is already overlapping his collar!

In the greater scheme of thinks it's minor.....but it is something that keeps revisiting me!

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