Wednesday, 20 March 2013

A pig tail?

Having been here for quite a while several things need urgent attention. I have sent a load of washing to the laundry this morning....enough to see us home I hope!

My main problem is my hair. It's at least two inches longer than usual and I forgot the scissors! I've lopped small bits off with my nail scissors but it would take a week to do it properly!

Two other ladies on our table at dinner are threatening to make me a reservation at the hairdressers......they are very bad influences...a shopping expedition soon is definately on the cards.

The trouble is that I have only had one haircut since I was an ordinand...and I hated it! The local hairdresser turned me out with the same basic cut of every other person in the village! I couldn't wait for it to grow out!

That plus the fact that I have shorn myself for so long that I am actually ashamed of what they might find in the inexpert cropping! To be intimidated by a very young lady is not my idea of fun!

So I am asking everyone I know on board if they have any scissors larger than the nail variety!

So far I've drawn a blank and David says he will have to wear a pigtail to travel home in....his thick curly hair is already overlapping his collar!

In the greater scheme of thinks it's minor.....but it is something that keeps revisiting me!


  1. My advice, for what it's worth is, leave it alone.
    When you get home you can cut it to suit yourself. Someone else will never do that.
    I have cut my own hair since 1974, and while I make no claims to beautiful styling, gleaming locks etc, at least it suits my (admittedly odd) taste.
    Don't let the fashionistas win.

  2. Why not throw caution to the wind and visit the hairdressers on board ship. Even if you decide you don't like the cut your hair will grow again, unless of course you are considering dyeing it some wild colours that would take time to fade or grow out!

    At least yu wouldn't have to face the hairdresser again, unlike the local Cornish hairdressers!

    Seriously, am enjoying reading your account of your cruise, thank you for posting it.


  3. Thanks for that ladies. It is now a fete accompli! David went off on a mission this morning and came back with scissors borrowed from a very kind girl in the office! Deed is done! I chopped it! But not his!