Sunday, 10 March 2013

Ba. Humbug

Last week I thought it might be mothering Sunday and I'd got it wrong. This week it is the dreaded day and so far it's not too bad! I have greetings from my nice granddaughter. Also from my daughter in law . I have had several tearful moments but am going to church!

I am still a mother....even though my children have gone before me! After my daughter died I had to preach the very next Sunday. The congregation held their breath and then clapped ...I'd got through it in one piece!

This year of course there is no one there to take up the slack as Ady did when his sister died!

This wonderful trip is doing me good...but nothing will ever take the place of my babies, though at least I had them through their growing years, I watched them grow and become adult.

The words from The Prophet ring through my head!

"Your children are not your children

They come from you but are not of you

And you cannot visit them not even in your dreams

For they live in the house of tomorrow..."

Much more I could paraphrase but those few lines say it all for me.....

Sorry for the gloom......I'll try to be back to normal tomorrow.



  1. How could you be other than sad on this day that can be so painful for those whose children have gone before them. Thank you for this post.

  2. Today must have been extraordinarily hard for you Jean. No-one knowing your story could fail to be deeply moved by your sheer grit.
    Well done to you for writing this post.

    1. Thank you ladies.....I appreciate your support a lot!