Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Clearance ?

Today, having left American soil in Hawai, we have once more to go through a lengthy customs check. I understand why it has to be rigorous. Since the twin towers were bombed no chances are taken, we are all under suspicion.

Today though is a grueling process for the very old and frail! Everyone has to be off the boat, including the crew! Even if you go through at the beginning no one is allowed back on board until the whole boat has been cleared! The last time the cooks were so late getting back on board that lunch was delayed for everyone!

When approaching New Zealand the officers came on board at Tahiti, had a couple of comfortable nights with us and we were all seen actually on the boat!

Today as we are in transit guests we will go late and then get on the shuttle bus to the shopping mall! Even David prefers that to hanging around outside!

I am reminded that on one of our previous tours in New York we were in a long line when an officer came along and told us we were free to go with the words,

"You have a powerful friend". I hope He's with us this morning. Only four officers have been sent to deal with thousands of passengers and crew! We are already being warned that long delays are certain!

On the positive side I always like the springer spaniels who sniff out our bags....they remind me of the blessed Wiiliam , a springer with his nose always being surprised by unexpected smells!

We are in the hands of people of power! This could take some time!

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