Monday, 25 March 2013

Grand Cayman chop!

Today has been an adventure! We moored fairly easily and then noticed that this huge ship was turning again! Only much later did we understand why! Getting the tender to the shore was easy this end...four strong young men helped us all on board.

As soon as we were out of the protection of the ship we started tossing! it was very choppy indeed! Made the St Mawes chop look like a beginner!

As we approached the landing stage we saw the problem. The sea was splashing right over the wall!

"You are all going to get your feet wet" announced the crew. And we did!

It took about half an hour to get everyone off. Everytime the boat and the shore parted company we were held back! Once before I had slipped and been rescued by strong arms. This time I said a silent prayer! David and I got off easily. Some had been seasick in all the bouncing , some decided not to go on at all, it was easier to go home.

David sat in the shade on shore nattering to anyone from the's amazing how many familiar faces we see now.

I went shopping. It was a highly successful trip! I found a shoe shop! I also found the tanzanite and diamond shops! Suffice it to say I won't have much to spend in the big apple!

Getting back on board was just hairy as getting off! Plus there were literally hundreds of people waiting. I think they may be disappointed !

It is a disappointment for those who are disembarking at the next stop but for us it was a bit of an adventure!

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